Here is what I learned from having coffee for two days with my brother who is just back from a two month mission trip in Cambodia.

“Be Willing!”

We are blessed here in the US.

When others go to serve in impoverished third world countries, support them, pray for them, and help them when they come home to regroup and ready to go again.

My brother and his wife, Sheila, led a group of twenty over there, teaching young people English to better themselves. Most only earn $1 an hour, but if they learn English they can earn $3 an hour.

Everyone who went with my brother paid their own way.

No, My brother and his wife are not independently wealthy. Far from it. However, they are willing. They gave up their great jobs, great retirement, and nice home to become servants.


Help them in their next mission? They need to raise $200 a day. Would you be willing to support them for a day?

They are building a trade school to teach others to serve. If you would like to support them in their next mission please donate what you can here at www.kristanshomeofhope.org, pray for them when you think of how much you have here in the US, and be willing to serve here where you are with random acts of kindness and a smile.

As they ready to leave here, I am so thankful for the two days we have had together. Love to you and Sheila my brother!

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