Whether to Hire a New or Seasoned Agent

Whether to Hire a New or Seasoned Agent

People ask all the time: Should an expansion team hire someone new? Seasoned?

I tell them, “It all depends on your new market.”

If you’re going into an area where a market will easily support a single agent, but may not support three or more agents, then you very well may want someone who has some experience; an agent who’s been in the the business one or two years, at least, and has an established skill level.

On the other hand, if you’re going into a market that could support an expansion team of four or five, you’ve got to hire a leader who is skilled and has been trained. From there, you can hire newer agents without those skill levels.

At our hub, we hire new people and we train them the way we want them to sell real estate. That works fine in the hub. But when you go into a new location and you’re not there every day to train them, that’s a different story.

I think we take way too much for granted. There are processes we go through at the hub that work for us there. From that experience, we assume things. Then, when we go into another market, we may find the processes simply don’t work in the new location.

We’ve found you’re going to be more successful in a new place if you have a lead agent who’s skilled, who oversees two or three other agents who may be newer and don’t have the same skill level.

It just depends.

However, you definitely have to have a talented person in the mix. Period. You’ll need someone who gets up every day and does what needs to be done without you there telling them to do it.

Now, if you want to be on our expansion team, you may be wondering what kind of training we provide.

I hold company-wide webinars. For instance, say we’re launching a new message. Everyone needs to know what our new message is and what mode that message is going to be delivered in. Our agents are going to have to learn the accompanying scripts. When I give that seminar, everyone will be attending online together so I can train them and share with them the way it’s all going to work: What are we doing? What do I need from them? How is it going to roll out?

You absolutely have to have training. For me, it is no different than leading people in my hub.

There has to be someone doing a weekly accountability meeting. There has to be script practice.

The only difference is that sometimes you are leading from afar.


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