What Does It Mean to be an Innovator?

What Does It Mean to be an Innovator?

Do you consider yourself an innovator?

Innovators are often described as someone who knows how to turn new ideas into reality…a visionary who re-imagines things as they are and transforms them into new products and services.

Innovators are not afraid of taking risks and tackling increasingly complex solutions – they’re all about unconventional ideas and big breakthroughs.

The case could certainly be made that, if we were all innovators, the world would be…at the very least…somewhat chaotic. On the other hand, without innovations – like our earliest ability to control fire (approximately one million years ago) – we would still be gnawing on raw meat and Julia Child couldn’t have perfected her incredible boeuf bourguignon.

It’s true – and rightfully so – our culture does revere innovators…perhaps not like sports figures or movie stars, but at least these trailblazers are typically admired, if not imitated.

According to Eddie Newquist (as seen in Innovation Excellence), there are seven characteristics highly successful innovators have in common:

  • Divergent Thinking
  • Insatiable Curiosity
  • Infectious Passion
  • Stamina
  • Compelling Leadership
  • Respect for Other Innovators
  • Courage

Clearly, not everyone is cut out to be an innovator, and those who are deserve special recognition. Fortunately, the folks at Inman agree, which brings us to the 2018 Inman Innovator Awards. The people at Inman describe innovators as “the visionaries, the forward-thinking, the stubborn, the tinkerers, the obsessed, the tech-savvy and the creative minds always testing boundaries”.

It makes sense then that, as we read that description, our own Kristan Cole comes to mind. As Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion for Keller Williams Realty, she shares her proven growth strategies with the elite of the elite among Keller Williams agent teams. Kristan is the quintessential innovator of growth within the real estate industry, and she’s also an Inman Innovator Finalist. We’re incredibly proud.

The winners of these awards will be revealed at Inman Connect in San Francisco the week of July 17 – 20, so mark your calendars.

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