What a week!

What a week. Left Alaska last Wednesday night, flew all night to Austin to meet with our CEO Gary Keller on Thursday and then on Friday morning, then Friday afternoon flew to Dallas for another meeting and finally went back to the airport Friday night back to Phoenix. Regrouped over the weekend and meetings in Phoenix Monday and then flew to California Monday night. Taught 30-60-90 in Tracy, CA Tuesday, drove to Folsom Tuesday night and taught Career Visioning on Wednesday and Thursday. Now flying to Phoenix to connect with my husband whom I have only seen 3 days of the last 67 and then to fly onto Alaska and land at midnight Alaska time and get to our house about 2 am Alaska time. Whew. And I love what I do—helping others get to their best!!!
PS we didn’t know we were on the same flight until a few days ago. We are such dorks.

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