Wednesday’s BOLD LAW..” What you focus on expands “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW..” What you focus on expands “

Whatever you want, you can have it. And, we are the ones who have to work on it to go grab it…sitting around wishing and meditating on it is a start because you have to imagine it and see it first and that alone may make you feel good , but that in of and by itself probably won’t make it magically appear for you.

As they say, you have to do your own pushups !

Some examples:….You want more money in the bank ?…then focus and do the activities that bring more financial rewards.
You want to be a better humanitarian and give to a worthy cause but , you seem to never find the time to donate your time ?…then focus on a schedule , write it down and commit to it.
You want a healthier and stronger body ?…focus on what you put into your mouth and focus on the daily habit of exercise…just do something every day to build that healthier and stronger body.

You are in control. You have to focus on whatever it is that you want. You have to move with intentionality on it. You have to have the purpose to get what you want. It’s out there waiting for you. And ” it” just wants you to show “it” that you are focusing on “it” and that you are working on yourself to set yourself up to get ” it ” and one day, ” it” will be yours !..and won’t that be fun !

Focus on it and expand toward it

What you focus on expands….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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