Wednesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Success is simple, not easy “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Success is simple, not easy “

Success is simple, not easy…..

In regards to ” Overnight ‘ successes ……

Successful people have said and I quote , ” Sure, I’m an overnight success to the people that JUST found out about me now ! To those people who have never heard of me until now, to them I am an overnight success ! What they did not see is what I’ve been doing behind the scenes, the hard , boring , repetitive , sometimes thankless tasks that I did day after day, night after night for twenty years with no accolades. These people did not see all the sweat and toil done behind the curtain ! ”

The tasks may have been simple…the ” not easy ” part is doing those tasks every day and night for 20 years ! The ” not easy ” part is what made them successful !

That reminds me of another great quote…” Hard work beats talent every time when talent doesn’t go to work “….Go to work and you will win , even if it’s perceived that you don’t have natural talent !…Hard work wins every time !

Success…it is simple , but it’s not easy….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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