Wednesday’s BOLD LAW…  ” Spontaneity is a conditioned reflex “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW… ” Spontaneity is a conditioned reflex “

To continue yesterday’s example about spontaneity & conditioned reflexes….Thank you to Steve Depa and a few of you other other agents who were in attendance with me that night. You reminded me that the comedian’s name was Craig Shoemaker. And Steve reminded me of a routine that Craig did which was a perfect reminder of how practice and conditioning leads to a conditioned reflex which appears spontaneous.

Here goes…So Craig opens his act with about a ten minute monologue and it was funny…I mean, you are laughing so hard and so frequently that it hurts ! Well, about 10 minutes into his routine, a member of the audience arrives late and it seemingly throws Craig off his routine. Appearing flustered Craig says , ” Oh, a typical realtor arriving 10 minutes late…well let me show you what you missed…”

He then repeats the ENTIRE 10 minute monologue in about 60 seconds !!!!…word for word, facial and body gestures repeated as well , all in a HYPER SPEED fast delivery !!!!…we were astounded as he nailed it !!!!! Now, whether the late arrival was ” staged ” or not , it doesn’t matter , he obviously was prepared to do just that ! Amazing !

Do you think he had practiced that routine before…? Answer : Yes, probably 10,000 times…that’s what six hours of daily practice will do for you in front of a mirror !!! All his conditioning led to a reflex that to us , appeared spontaneous. I assure you it was anything but off the cuff spontaneity. It was a routine that he had practiced , drilled and rehearsed daily for years. That example shows us the value of knowing what to say when our clients need to hear it to benefit them the most at that time.
But, that’s why he makes the ” Big Bucks ! ”

I know I need to practice more to make me better. Time to stop this email so I can prepare for my daily 30 minute role play session….more on this subject tomorrow !!

Spontaneity is a conditioned reflex !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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