Wednesday’s BOLD LAW…  ” People will grow into the conversations you create around them “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW… ” People will grow into the conversations you create around them “

Did you build yourself up yesterday with the conversations you had inside your own head ? Did you stop a negative thought and replace it with a better one ? There is nothing wrong with having a negative thought. We all do because we are human beings and it is a challenge to control a negative thought that pops into your head. The most successful people though , have created a habit where they control those thoughts and , that habit separates them from 99% of the rest of the population.

In fact , in many cases , you cannot control your first thought BUT , you can most assuredly control the second one ! Do that ! And after bombing your subconscious with that habit, in time , it will become so strong and dominant, that one day , it will overwhelm the uncontrollable first thoughts and you’ll find yourself with the ability to have fewer and fewer initial negative thoughts.

Like anything , it takes perfect practice and, it could take years to perfect it. So what ? All we have is today. So why not start that habit today and tomorrow, do it again just for the day, and the day after that…and one day , you’ll be better. I think it’s worth it. The question is , do you ?

Earl Nightingale said , ” Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal “. Whatever success looks like for you , start to control your thoughts today with the conversations you have with yourself and watch how you create growth minded conversations with others. That puts you in the 1 % because you made the decision to do it !

More on this tomorrow …..

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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