Wednesday’s BOLD LAW… ” No pressure, no diamonds “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW… ” No pressure, no diamonds “

” I work best under pressure ”
” Turn the heat up ! ”
” Let’s go into a full court press ! ”

You’ve heard these and no doubt, countless of other statements regarding pressure. Good pressure applied correctly and consistently delivers results ( diamonds ).What are you doing today that raises your standards ? What do you expect of yourself today ? Can you do a little more of the good stuff that brings production ? I’ll bet , if we really examine what we do, that we can find one thing we can do marginally better than we did yesterday.

Just the extra call made or a self care text to someone that lets them know you are thinking of them can make a huge difference. A real hand written thank you note to a client may set you apart from your competition.

There is something you can do each and every day that raises your standards and expectation of yourself. Find it and do it. Put a little ” pressure ” on yourself. It won’t hurt you and it will produce ” diamonds ” whatever those diamonds are to you…that’s way better than settling for mediocrity…being average sucks !…No pressure, NO diamonds !!!!

” I’m a success because someone believed in me and I didn’t want to let them down ” – Abraham Lincoln

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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