Wednesday’s BOLD LAW  ” Motion = Emotion “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW ” Motion = Emotion “

Motion = Emotion

Emotion definitely equals motion.

When we are emotionally upset , we certainly move into some type of negative motion , don’t we ? And then, that motion taken under duress may lead to a consequence that we later regret.

On the other hand , when we are enlightened and in an emotionally good place , the motion and actions taken then , usually lead to more positive results. The challenge is , that when things begin to affect us in a less than positive way , we must find a way to stop those thoughts and actions that we know will send us further down that slippery slope.

Life happens to us all…the yin and the yang…the good and bad…Someone once said, ” It is not what happens to us in life , it is how we respond to those situations when we are faced with them. ” Are we not better off when we control our thoughts and therefore, control our emotions and actions ?

There is opportunity in every adversity . Sometimes we have to work to find it ! Find some good in everything. Those emotions will put better motions into place for us all.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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