Wednesday’s BOLD LAW …. ” If it’s not on your schedule , it does not exist “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW …. ” If it’s not on your schedule , it does not exist “

Denis Waitley , a motivational speaker , used to speak about an island called Someday Island. It’s a place that millions of people speak about going to or dream about visiting everyday. I had never heard about it as he described this wonderful place of Someday Isle.

Then he explained it as in the people who constantly say ” Some day I’ll do____ ” or ” when I retire someday , I’ll take a trip to_____ ” or , ” when I find the time, someday I’ll do_____ ” or , ” when I win the lottery, then someday I”ll______________” .” Someday Isle ” is a dangerous place for your mind to go.

You can fill in the blanks with whatever you want. The point is , is that if we never put those dreams , goals and plans down into some type of schedule , they do NOT exist ! They will NEVER happen because they are stuck in wishful thinking , best intentions, or dreamland and that’s where they die……because no action ever took place around them to make them happen !

When you truly want something or you catch yourself saying , ” Some day , I’ll ___________,” write it down and put it in some type of schedule because when you do that, you can then begin to plan for it to happen. Remember, if it’s NOT in your schedule, it DOES NOT exist !…and don’t kid yourself about this one….

Tomorrow, as we celebrate Thanksgiving , be grateful that you have another day that you can bring a dream into existence in your future simply by placing it into a schedule…pretty powerful if you ask me !

Happy Thanksgiving !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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