Wednesday’s BOLD LAW  ” Come from contribution “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW ” Come from contribution “

I just finished a book that was recommended by one of my mentors, Mr. Tim Wood. It’s ” The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday. In the last few pages , in a chapter that reminds us to remember our own mortality , he writes about coming from contribution.

When we take the ” I ” out of our sentences and we truly focus on ” Unity over self ” , we then can contribute by doing so much for so many others as we take our focus off of ourselves. It’s difficult to worry about our troubles when we are engaged in helping someone else. Maybe you can’t do it all alone but, you can offer to carry a heavier load for just a little while.You can do your part. You can and you will make yourself stronger by contributing to someone else ! Look for opportunities to uplift someone’s spirits today. You can make a difference to someone today !

Be that difference by coming from contribution today !

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