Wednesday’s BOLD LAW… ” Clarity is Power “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW… ” Clarity is Power “

Clarity IS power.

Okay , I wrote yesterday about how in a few seconds of extreme clarity and purpose and focus ( and adrenaline ) a little old lady lifts a car to save a child’s life . We’ve all heard about it but probably have not witnessed it so it may, from our perspective , be challenging for us to comprehend that one.

Here is another example of how powerful we are when we have clarity…and, it’s happened to us all..and it happens every time…..When you have a deadline , how often do you accomplish it ? Probably very often , right ? Cramming for an exam in college or pulling the ” all -nighter” to finish the term paper that you procrastinated on for weeks, right ? We’ve all been there.

What about the day before a vacation ? Do you get WAY MORE done that day ? I’ll bet the answer is a resounding ” Yes !” . Why is that ? Because you have a limited amount of hours to get a lot done , you are focused, you are very clear on your priorities and probably have an assigned order to those tasks. You probably set a schedule and you stick to it that one day because you are organized and you don’t allow for any distractions. You are probably up early and have lots of energy !

Why ? Because you are clear on what you want and that makes you very powerful for that one day ! Clarity is powerful !

So today, pretend you are on a plane at 6 am tomorrow and see how powerful you become today !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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