Wednesday’s BOLD LAW … ” All work expands to the time allowed “

Wednesday’s BOLD LAW … ” All work expands to the time allowed “

Some days, it seems like there is more to do on that one day than others, right ? How do you get it all done ? Think about the last time you went on vacation. How much did you accomplish the day before you left ? Probably a lot ! Why ?

Because you only had so much time that last day to accomplish a lot and you were focused on those tasks…you probably prioritized them, put them into a schedule, and here’s the important part , you held to that scheduled time and did not let distractions take you off track…because there was ” no tomorrow “…you may have delegated some tasks that you normally don’t either ?

You fit the work to be done in certain time frames. You did not allow one task a time frame of ” all day “. You assigned a specific start and end time to that task(s) , held to it, and got a ton of things accomplished. Work does expand to the time allowed or magically, fits into the time that we structure for it….

Wow, imagine if we worked like that every day ? Imagine how much more we could accomplish with that mindset and intensity ?…hmmmm….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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