Wednesday BOLD LAW…” Keep your emotions between the lines “

Wednesday BOLD LAW…” Keep your emotions between the lines “

As we discussed yesterday, our respective businesses and careers, our family life and the world are better places to be as we remember to keep our cool. Not much is accomplished when we fly off into a rage. In fact, people get hurt, mentally and physically , by words and actions when uncontrolled anger is expressed. And, on the other hand, how excited are you to be in the presence of someone who is always depressed? Not much fun either.

Remember yesterday’s analogy of an airplane pilot experiencing some bad weather at 30,000 feet ? Stay calm, cool and collected. Nobody wants their pilot, their doctor, their financial planner,their attorney or their realtor acting in a panicked state. As a professional in whatever your career choice is, your customers are depending on you to provide a calming presence when faced with a crisis. They are looking at you for some sane advice and quite possibly, they are needing some type of good news in what they view as a dire situation. It’s up to you to find that piece of news and provide that professional counsel. That’s what they are paying you to do. Be that counselor for them. They and you deserve it.

Keep your emotions between the lines.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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