Wednesday BOLD LAW…” Come from contribution “

Wednesday BOLD LAW…” Come from contribution “

How do we come from contribution in these times as uncertain as they may be ?

1) …If you’re in a financial position where you can give to somebody or some organization, go ahead and do that now. Every dollar helps and you never know how impactful even a small amount can make to someone who is in need of it.

2)….Take a hard look at your expenses. By cutting out an unnecessary expense or two, you are contributing to your own family’s financial future..

3)…If you can’t do it with money, you can give away your time. Spend a half hour , or fifteen minutes , to call somebody today who may not have the experience, foresight or calmness that you are exhibiting right now. Someone may need a beacon of light in their dark times right now. A phone call from you telling them that you are thinking about them may be all they need to get through their personal crisis for just one more day. Like the money donation, a phone call from you, someone they respect as a person of strength and resolve, may make a world of difference to them. Make one or two calls like that today. It will do a world of good for both of you !

Let me know how else you are coming from contribution today and I’ll pass it on anonymously to everyone tomorrow. Your sharing does make a difference !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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