Wednesday BOLD LAW…” All work expands to fill the time allowed “

As we all deal with Covid -19’s imposed restrictions, we must remember that in every adversity opportunities are born. What opportunities can come to us as we choose to work within these boundaries ? Let me pass on two thoughts that were shared with me this week from two of my mentors.

The first observation from one coach was that some agents around the country were treating this as an extended vacation. I guess that’s great if you can really afford it but , how long can you really do that if this virus is prolonged ? And, more importantly, while time with family is treasured time and we all deserve rest at times, what is being learned and what opportunities are being lost with that kind of attitude and approach? Personally, I think that’s kind of scary.

The second statement was from Kristan Cole and she said ” You will not find opportunities until you get into the middle of the adversity “. In other words, if you are on the sidelines watching the game, you won’t be able to see the available opportunities. It’s one thing to observe a football game from the stands…it’s an entirely different view if you’re in the game getting hit in the mouth as you carry the football. Same game, two different vantage points…the player is seeing many more opportunities that the fan will never experience.

Whatever that may mean for you today , today get in the game.Talk to people.Fill the time you have today with work. Give work whatever time you need to give it today and then, allot some time to your family afterwards. Go discover your own opportunity.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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