WE MADE IT! We completed the first hybrid Career Visioning (in person and on live stream) for 250 people

In Alaska, we taught the first ever Career Visioning class in person and via Zoom! This KCN leadership tribe flew to Alaska from Arizona, New Mexico and California to support us in adding value to more than 250 on Zoom and 40 in the room plus the 12 moderators fielding questions and supporting everyone.

So appreciate them all as they had to have COVID test to enter the state of Alaska, even though we are in stage 3 and 4 and have had less than 500 cases total state wide.

Went to a late lunch at 49 State street pub and sat on the rooftop enjoying the Alaska view.

Today we are heading to Glacier Brew House for Lunch and then to Whittier to go fishing and shrimping for the weekend. Then it’s back to the Salt Mines next week!

Thank you to all who made this happen. It took a tribe and a great one at that! ❤️❤️❤️

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