Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Your business grows to the extent you do “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Your business grows to the extent you do “

Did you grow yesterday ? Were you aware of personal growth yesterday ? I was…I have a coaching call every Monday at 7 am from a mentor of mine and had a group coaching call with my MAPS coach later in the afternoon that turned into a one on one session…and, last night , I had an hour long conversation with a past client of mine who is now a Keller Williams MAPS coach as well I am so fortunate to finally have landed at this company and it’s culture is one of growth.

I am surrounded my leaders, systems , business models and people who foster growth. No one pretends to know it all. When you are constantly in a culture of growth, how can you not improve ??….and, everything else in your life improves as you work on developing yourself !

Think about it. Are you better at your job now than you were 5 years ago ? ten years ? How about when you first started ? I’ll bet the answer is yes ! I CAN”T believe some people actually trusted me enough 35 years ago and gave me the opportunity to sell them a home or, sell their house for them ? I am SO much better now…because of experience and lessons learned along the way , and I know you are too ! Now, the snowball effect and momentum are on my side and I am excited to get even better because of all the exposure this KW culture makes available to us.

Keep growing…why not ? Your business and your life will grow to the extent that you do and that, my friends, is exciting !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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