Tuesday’s BOLD LAW….. ” You get what you deserve in your imagination “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW….. ” You get what you deserve in your imagination “

Two examples of personal goal setting…

1)…Probably way back in my first year of real estate in 1986 , someone first taught me about the importance of goal setting. This is NOT a subject that they teach us in school. I learned it was important to right goals down . I wrote what was in my imagination at that time down on a legal pad and not knowing any better , I figured , ” Well that’s done ” and put them away in a desk drawer….and promptly forgot about them as I got caught up in trying to figure out the real estate business and how to survive my first year….About a year later , I found those notes accidently and lo and behold , I had hit most of what I’d written down ! I then learned that just by writing them down, even though my conscious brain had forgotten about them , my unconscious brain had gone to work on them !…hmmm….Has that ever happened to you ? I know I’m not the only one to discover the power of writing down your goals….

2)…Fast forward to now 35 years later…( I’m getting smarter ) …for the last 10 years , I have been diligently writing my goals down on the first day of every month and I spend about 5-10 minutes every morning reviewing them and usually editing them incrementally as the month progresses. And, I spend about 8-10 minutes saying , and sometimes shouting out , my affirmations to me as I drive to work. Some of you know I do that…call me crazy but crazy works ! Each morning , like a Marine drill instructor , I order my subconscious what to do every day.! Doing these exercises have enabled me to hit bigger and bigger goals faster and faster and there is NO coincidence to this !

Last September , I set an outrageous monthly income goal for myself to hit just one time by the end of 2021. Believe me , it was a stretch for me to think that big ! And, I did not let my conscious brain doubt me or try to talk me out of it…Last month, that affirmation changed to ” this year”…and today , I may actually hit that outrageous goal in March ! Even if I miss it, the fact that it manifested so quickly means I can do it again and again and have bigger and better months in the future. Do not let your conscious brain doubt you and hold you back !

It is crazy…write something BIG down…look at it every day…affirm it out loud for a few minutes every day , go to work on it….and….over time ….it happens…

We do get what we are brave enough to imagine…I’m repeating these three quotes from some smart people…

” You become what you think about “…Earl Nightingale

” Whether you think you can or think you cannot , you’re right ! “…Henry Ford

” If you can dream it, you can achieve it ! “…Walt Disney

Go get what you want !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich


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