Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Success is simple, not easy “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Success is simple, not easy “

Ask any successful person in any walk of life how they became so successful and they’ll likely give you an answer that is based around doing some very basic tasks repetitively over a sustained period of time. They may even reply with a simple, boring answer that you did not expect. One that may be boring ! The answer won’t be sexy. The answer will be a few simple things , and they won’t be easy.

Honestly, how many ” Over night success’s ” are there ? I think that is mostly confined to the fantasy Hollywood stories that are in the movies…We all want instantaneous success and immediate gratification , right ? Nothing wrong with that I suppose , but it’s not reality.

Success is hard work ! It can be done obviously , because there are so many successful people that are around each and everyone of us. But , it takes grit, determination, focus , and doing the repetitious tasks that the majority of people in the same professions don’t want to do or have convinced themselves that they are not able to do…..otherwise, everyone would be successful, right ?

What simple task can you add to your life today that will build your future ? What ” One Thing “, as Gary Keller states, can you do that by doing so, would make a lot of other things unnecessary? I’ll bet you know the answer…It’s simple , but not easy…Go do it…

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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