Tuesday’s BOLD LAW… ” No pressure, no diamonds “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW… ” No pressure, no diamonds “

Pressure can stretch us in a positive way. Once you expand , you can never go back to where you once were. Earl Nightingale said, ” Our minds are like a rubber band , once they are stretched, they never return to their original shape “.

You don’t have to be backed into a corner like a wounded animal before you respond to pressure. Don’t wait that long ! Here are a few ideas where pressure can get you moving towards diamonds.

1)… Raise your standards
2) … Do a little more
3) … Try something you’ve never done before
4)…. Make an extra call
5)… expect more of yourself
6)… get an accountability partner or hire a coach to keep you accountable

Apply some good pressure on yourself and results follow. Diamonds were not formed overnight. Steady , consistent pressure over time yields diamonds. Go to work on your diamonds today.

No Pressure, no diamonds !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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