Tuesday’s BOLD LAW  ” Motion = Emotion “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW ” Motion = Emotion “

Motion = Emotion

I just started reading ” The Traveler’s Gift ” by Andy Andrews , a great book that was recommended by more than one friend to me. It’s a fast and easy read and one of those books that you can’t put down !

Here is a passage I read yesterday relating to this week’s BOLD LAW…

” I am a person of action . I can make a decision. I can make it now.

A person who moves neither left or right is destined for mediocrity. When faced with a decision , many people say they are waiting for God. But I understand, in most cases, God is waiting for me ! He has given me a healthy mind to gather and sort information and the courage to come to a conclusion. I am not a quivering dog , indecisive and fearful. My constitution is strong and pathway clear.

Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly. My decisions come quickly and they lead to victory ! ”

Wow…I think there is some emotion tied into those thoughts which equal motion , don’t you ? Make those decisions quickly and get into some motion today ! And , go get that book…you won’t regret it !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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