Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Keep your emotions between the lines “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Keep your emotions between the lines “

Well, how did you do yesterday ? Were you in control of your emotions ? Were you at least maybe a little bit more aware of them if something or somebody was testing you ?

It is hard sometimes when an emotional storm is blowing at you and through you. It’s best just to weather it , like an experienced sailor at sea does. An ” Old Salt” handles a boat better than a young , inexperienced sailor , right ? Who do you want at the helm in a storm ? And who do you want to be most like when the waves are breaking over the bow ? No panic…steady as she goes…no wasted energy…your passengers will note your calm demeanor and will take comfort in that…you can influence others and gain strength yourself by keeping emotions between the lines.

We will all get through this…some better than others…the ones who keep their heads will benefit the most in all situations….be that person…be that ” Old Salt “..be the Captain of your emotions…

Affirmation : ” I am the calming influence in EVERY situation I encounter today ! ”

You can do that , and be that , when you…keep your emotions between the lines ….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich


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