Tuesday’s BOLD LAW …. ” If it’s not on your schedule , it does not exist “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW …. ” If it’s not on your schedule , it does not exist “

Remember that this BOLD LAW does not pertain to work only …if there is something that you want to do personally, or wish to do with your family , or know you should do one of these days when you get the time to get around to doing it because you know you should do it….and then it never happens….because…you never wrote it down and put it into your schedule….whatever it may be…For example…

Your kid’s sports schedule or school events…put them in a calendar ahead of time
Date night with your spouse/significant other…plan out in advance
Visit a friend or client…schedule it like it’s an appointment
A task you want to do around the home…block it off
Exercise…commit to it/get an accountability partner who will not let you off the hook !
Planning or goal setting/thinking time….write it down to do at a certain time

If these don’t go into a written/electronic planner or schedule of some type , they’ll never happen…because they only exist in your mind…and then they weigh you down , whereas, if they are scheduled and you commit to time blocking and don’t schedule something else over the top of them, you will feel lighter because you are ” present ” to accomplishing them ! And that’s a great feeling !

” The pain of discipline weighs ounces, the pain of regret weighs tons ! ” – Jim Rohn

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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