Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Don’t mistake movement for achievement “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” Don’t mistake movement for achievement “

Don’t kid yourself that movement is achievement. It’s really easy at the end of the day to say to ourselves , ” Wow , I was busy all day ! “….. Yes, but were you busy working on the things you need to do most ? And, did you do those things first ? Remember to work on YOUR 20% before you go to work on someone else’s !

Movement can easily disguise itself as achievement. It’s not , because movement by itself cannot be tracked. Actions taken can be tracked. We can be held accountable for our actions and the results of those actions are what lead us to our achievements.

Yes, we must MOVE first to get into the actions that will lead to results but movement by itself is not achievement. Don’t be fooled by that. Even achievements that are not totally positive are better than than just unregulated movement because those results are getting you closer to your goals…think Edison and the light bulb and his 1,000 bad results eventually led him to invent the light bulb..he did not achieve it on the first try…and we probably won’t either !

Get after it today…your 20% first…movement and action lead to results and achievement !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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