Tuesday’s BOLD LAW…” Don’t listen to your monkey mind ! “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW…” Don’t listen to your monkey mind ! “

How did you do yesterday ? When you had your first negative thought ( we all do ) , did you ” catch it “, arrest it , and stop it by saying to yourself , ” Nope ! Not right now ! Go away ! Cancel-cancel” or , you said or did something else to get that monkey out of your brain ? As you do that, you take control when you shove that monkey out of your house..for a bit…he always comes back !

The question is , are you strong enough and resilient enough to keep pushing him out ? He ( the negative thoughts ) are relentless. He never stops…do you ? I assure you, as you take control of how you think and react as to what happens to you , you will build a muscle that gets stronger and your negative thoughts will dwindle over time. They never cease , but their power over you gets less and less as you develop mental strength by being grateful and more determined to be positive and take positive action.

Don’t give in. Don’t give the monkey brain power. Grab that monkey and throw his butt out the front door every time , yes, EVERY TIME !!! he dares to show his negative state to you…You CAN do it ! You are STRONGER than the monkey…..

Be grateful…..

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