Tuesday’s BOLD LAW… ” Clarity is Power “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW… ” Clarity is Power “

Clarity IS power.

When we are really zeroed in on something , when we have no doubt or distractions, when we are laser focused , that clarity gives us power ! Even if it’s just for a short time , we can accomplish more than we thought we ever could.

Here is an example…We’ve all heard of stories like this one… the little old frail lady that sees a child trapped under an automobile. No one else is around, she reacts and in a burst of super human power, how is she able to lift a car just enough to free a child ?…because for that three seconds, she was clear on her mission. She did not think about the impossibility of what she was about to do , she did not phone a friend, google it, watch a ” how to ” you tube video or write a thesis about it. She was clear and focused and with an incredible boost of adrenaline, she was ” Wonder Woman” to that child for a crucial three seconds…that’s all it took to make a big difference.

Now, we may not be running around saving lives that way today , but we can make a difference to our families, friends and clients when we have clarity . That kind of intense focus, when applied to a task , will give us power.

Question: What do you need to be clear on today ?

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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