Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” All work expands to the time allowed “

Tuesday’s BOLD LAW … ” All work expands to the time allowed “

How did you do yesterday ? Did you control the time for work or did you allow work to control your time ? I was guilty of the latter as I had a task that had to be done and because I did not have the discipline to block it off and work on it 100 % for that time block , it took me most of the day to do it !

Sure, I had the motivation to complete it but I did not have the discipline or urgency to finish it early…despite what I wrote to me and to all of you yesterday !…Guilty as charged !..It happens to us all once in awhile and it’s not happening again today ! Accept it because it happened . But , I will not allow it to occur two days in a row ! That is unacceptable and begins to develop a bad habit ..Dabbling in and out of an assignment is not the most efficient way to get it done.

All work does expand to fill the time allowed it. Today , I decide on the times allowed.

A long time friend of mine, Michael in California , happened to send me a quote yesterday from a Navy Seal that may help you….. It said that ” motivation does not always get us to do what we know we are supposed to do , discipline will ! ” Have the discipline to control your work schedule and the motivation will follow !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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