Tuesday BOLD LAW…”You can have reasons or results, you can’t have both “

Tuesday BOLD LAW…”You can have reasons or results, you can’t have both “

Like it or not, you cannot have both.

Results, good or bad , show progress and move us forward toward our projected goals. We obtained results because we took an action and we made up our mind to do so. And, as long as we learn, especially from the mistakes we made , negative results get us closer to our goal too.

We all know that Thomas Edison had 10,000 failures as he invented the light bulb. When asked about that and his string of negative results, he said he was not a failure but rather , ” I just found 10,000 ways it did not work ! ” What would have happened if he had given up on try # 9,999 ? I would have been sending this email out by candle light !!! …LOL ! He did not make excuses. Edison went to work to find a better way.

Conversely, reasons are just another word for excuses. Excuses hold us back. They are creative and well thought out and justifiable and reasonable and everyone has them…we could go on and on about how our reasons/excuses are valid. All of that energy could be put to better use by simply taking an action toward a desired result. I think that is the better way to go.

When you put your head on your pillow tonight , will you have had a day full of reasons or results ? You’ll sleep better with results.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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