Tuesday BOLD LAW…” Want = Lack “

Tuesday BOLD LAW…” Want = Lack “

Albert Einstein said ” Your imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions “…What are you imagining ? What are you attracting ?

From the book ” 5 ” ( which is all about where are you going to be in 5 years?)…” If you don’t have a dream, how can it possibly come true ? “…this is an easy book to read..and thought provoking..if you don’t have it, order it today !

Don’t let your wanting and lacking get in the way of your dream, your goals and what you are going to accomplish…Dream BIG and work towards significance everyday …but, don’t WANT…the wanting & lacking will stop you you & your dreams in their tracks !

Want = Lack

Have a great Tuesday !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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