Tuesday BOLD LAW…” Keep your emotions between the lines “

Tuesday BOLD LAW…” Keep your emotions between the lines “

We all get bounced around as we go through our day , especially as we have another ” Groundhog Day” during our own private Covid 19 experience..The highs and lows we have, sometimes in just 24 hours , can be exhausting if we don’t take control of ourselves.

Think of an airplane flight…you ever get bounced around from turbulence ? Of course you have…and does the pilot come over the speakers in a calm , measured voice of control or does he come running down the aisle with a parachute screaming ” Every man for himself !!! ” ?Which pilot do you want ? I want the one who’s calm and collected , keeps me informed, and who handles the situation calmly and guides the plane to a safe landing

As you experience your turbulence today, it’s up to you to realize that you are your own pilot. You can run down the aisle screaming too and really, what does that accomplish ? Or, you can take stock of the situation, calmly inform you and your passengers ( clients, family and friends) and arrive at your destination safely. You’ll serve everyone better when you do and you’ll conserve valuable energy that you may choose to spend on something else more deserving of it.

Okay Captain Don ? ( or insert your name here ______________)

Keep your emotions between the lines today…not TOO high and not TOO depressingly low…between the lines baby !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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