Tuesday BOLD LAW…” Don’t listen to your monkey mind ! “

Tuesday BOLD LAW…” Don’t listen to your monkey mind ! “

Well, how did you do yesterday ? When you had your first negative thought ( we all do ) , did you ” catch it ” and take control of your next thought ? When you did that, you were taking back control ! You shoved the ” monkey mind ” thought back into the corner of your brain. Good for you !

You know though, that darn monkey mind is going to come back today at some point and tomorrow too . That happens to all of us. Those of us who can replace that negative thought with a better one are going to be in a better position to win this ongoing battle. Be cognizant of what you say to yourself all the time. Are you lifting yourself up or are you beating yourself down ?

Words do hurt. They hurt your self esteem and confidence, they stall your forward progress and they can keep you down or worse, push you down the hole further ! And then, we may be faster to hurt others, whether we know it or not ! That’s what the monkey mind can do when we give it power.

If you are in a hole, stop digging ! Positive self talk, good affirmations followed by some positive action can help you start climbing out right away. There is no way you would let a wild monkey run around your home ! Don’t let it run amok inside your head either ! Don’t listen to it ! Build that muscle of positive self talk and you will gradually weaken the monkey because you are taking away it’s power !

Hope this helps !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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