Tuesday BOLD LAW…” Complaining = Garbage magnet “

Tuesday BOLD LAW…” Complaining = Garbage magnet “

Here’s a story from the late great Zig Ziglar about complaining…..One Saturday morning, your neighbor Bob rings your doorbell. He’s a friend and a neighbor , so you open your door to say hello. Upon you opening it, he proceeds to throw in the messiest ,stinking foul garbage he had collected all week and it landed on ,and stained your beautiful white carpet ! Aghast, you quickly shut the door and wonder why would he do that ? Is he crazy ?

You spend a whole day cleaning and refurbishing your front room swearing under your breath at Bob and ,after hours of scrubbing and disinfecting, you finally have the stains removed and the smell is out of your house. A few days pass by and the following Saturday morning, your doorbell rings again. It’s Bob holding another load of stinking garbage !!! Are going to open the door ?

That was Zig’s analogy to letting someone complain to you. They are dumping their “mental” garbage into YOUR home ( your brain ). If it happens once, you probably should not let it happen again. Don’t let them pollute your brain by dragging you down with their garbage. And, if this you, stop it !

Now, yes this is a drastic analogy. We all know certain people who are always ” doom & gloom ” and seem to delight in telling everyone all their problems. We must limit our time with them perhaps because they do not wish to be helped. And, while we don’t want to be callous and lack compassion because we all truly wish to help someone , you must be aware of your time and decide quickly if someone wants to be helped or are they just whining for the sake of whining….you decide..

Remember, Complaining = garbage magnet

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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