Tuesday BOLD LAW…” All work expands to fill the time allowed “

Tuesday BOLD LAW…” All work expands to fill the time allowed “

As I wrote yesterday, due to the virus, we have all been given an incredible gift…the gift of more time…what are you doing with it today ? Are you actually getting more done with this extra time or are you taking all day to do something that you could knock out in an hour?

Work does expand to the time allowed. Yes, we all get the same 24 hours and we all know people who tend to get more done with it right ? As you assign time frames to your work , you may find you get it all accomplished in five hours rather than eight. All that time we used to spend in our cars driving somewhere can now be devoted to improving our skills, completing projects at home,spending quality time with spouses and kids and dusting off Monopoly and Parcheesi and playing board games again !

This crisis won’t last forever . When it’s over, are you going to look back with regret because opportunities were wasted or are you going to be able to say , ” You know, I learned something new “or ” I improved at ____________” ( fill in your blank) or ” My relationships are better ” or whatever it was for you. I hope to look back on this time and be grateful for things I learned.

From all adversities, come opportunities…make sure to be aware of your time working efficiently so that you have the time to spend with those who are most important to you. Hope this helps !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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