Thursday’s BOLD LAW …. ” You can have reasons or results, you can’t have both “

Thursday’s BOLD LAW …. ” You can have reasons or results, you can’t have both “

In a conversation I had with one of you yesterday, Lindsey from Melbourne , Florida, she gave me a great quote…” The real estate business is a hard business , but be grateful for that because that gives us job security ! ” Agents that look for reasons ” why” or have excuses don’t like that reality but those of us who seek results , get it…we understand the value of that quote !

As I said yesterday, masters of ANYTHING fail more than beginners even try ! Beginners are more likely to let one bad result stop their progress. Beginners let reasons and excuses dominate their thinking and take them off the repetitive tasks that a master takes action on. Beginners give up too soon , sometimes right as they are about to strike gold !.

Beginners engage in negative self talk and let the opinions of others sway their thinking and doing…Beginners let the reasons and the excuses validate them stopping.

The BEST Master , at anything, was once a raw beginner. Repetition at a task, with feedback, and adjustments and learning from it all…made him/her a Master.

Think, did you ever learn to drive a stickshift ? Did you stall and grind gears while learning ? I did ! Now, I’m not a professional race car driver but through results , I can drive a stickshift…And so can you….at ANYTHING you wish to master.

You can reasons or results, you cannot have both…which one do you want ?

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