Thursday’s BOLD LAW… ” Want = Lack “

Thursday’s BOLD LAW… ” Want = Lack “

Want = Lack

If we are perpetually in a state of mind that is always wanting and needing , how can we possibly be aware of who may be out there who is ready to assist us in our journey ? If we are just constantly taking only the low hanging fruit and never replenishing what we harvest , sooner or later, we are going to be faced with a choice. Either learn to climb to new heights or go hungry. or , plant and wait and want for the harvest to mature.

Don’t want or be needy. Take action and harvest what you’ve planted in the past ! And, replenish what you take by putting a little work into today to fill your pipeline for the future. This will prevent you from being in a wanting, lacking, needing type of mindset. Position yourself today by taking some type of action so that you are never in that wanting position in the future !

Want does equal lack !

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