Thursday’s BOLD LAW…  ” Spontaneity is a conditioned reflex “

Thursday’s BOLD LAW… ” Spontaneity is a conditioned reflex “

Back in 1980-1983, I was in the tennis industry and one of my idols at the time was the great Bjorn Borg. He was always very stoic on the court and his opponents could never tell whether he was excited or upset. He never celebrated winning a point and unlike most athletes today who yell , fist pump and generally exhibit exorbitant emotions when they simply win a point, make a basket or get a simple first down. It’s a whole ” LOOK AT ME ! ” attitude…but, that’s another story.

Borg’s opponents could never get under his skin and rattle him and that stoicism , in turn , rattled and upset his opponents. He was the master at keeping his cool and gentlemanly ways on the court. He was a great role model for the game to kids and adults.

I was watching an interview one day after he had won a big match and at a critical point, he hit an unbelievable shot that left everyone , including his opponent , flabbergasted…like ” how in the world did he pull that off ? ” , and it turned the momentum his way and he won the match. When asked how he did it , he simply shrugged in his humble manner and said ” I don’t know. I can’t explain the mechanics of how I hit it , it was just a reaction , a reflex “….

That reflex was a result of thousands of hours on the court since he was a little boy practicing his craft and then one day, when he needed it most at a critical moment , it appeared as a spontaneous reflex to a situation.

When we practice, drill and rehearse , we condition ourselves to be ready to say or do the right thing at a critical moment for our clients and ourselves. Now , at age 62 , I know I’m probably never going to win Wimbledon , or the French , Australian or US Open tennis titles but , I can still improve my real estate craft by practicing every day. I can still compete in real estate today because bad knees and pulled hamstrings don’t affect my performance in real estate ! But if I don’t practice perfectly , it shows up in my sales…

What are you doing today to improve and condition yourself so that you can spontaneously react in a winning way in your career ?

Spontaneity IS a conditioned reflex !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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