Thursday’s BOLD LAW… ” No pressure, no diamonds “

Thursday’s BOLD LAW… ” No pressure, no diamonds “

It’s been interesting as I have ” upped ” my game this week by putting a little pressure on myself to do a little more…For instance , I have spoken to 60 people the last two days about real estate and that’s about 30 % more than I would ” normally ” talk to. And, while we generate more numbers, we also have to realize that adding a little more pressure probably is not going to result in instantaneous success in 48 hours. Must be patient while applying pressure.

Sure, we might get lucky with a great prospect or a sale in just two days of more lead generation…it could happen…more likely though, it’s the daily constant pressure applied consistently that will yield diamonds for me over the rest of my career. And, that’s life altering…

Let me know what you’ve been doing this week to take action for more diamonds…and robbing a jewelry store is probably not the best action !!!…although with Valentine’s Day this weekend , diamonds are a girl’s best friend !…hmmm…

” One of the secrets of success is ideas mixed with inspiration ” – Jim Rohn

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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