Thursday’s BOLD LAW  ” Motion = Emotion “

Thursday’s BOLD LAW ” Motion = Emotion “

So , as we know that this Universal law is absolutely true , we must check ourselves constantly to make sure that our emotions are , for the most part of every day, in the right place, so that our motion is moving us FORWARD as much as possible. Failure happens to us all. Just be sure that when you fail , and know that you will, fail forward. Don’t stay down for too long. There is too much to be lost if you allow circumstances to emotionally get the better of you for too long.

How do we ensure that we are mentally strong ? What do we do to keep our emotions in a perpetual state of growth and forward movement ? Here are some reminders.

1…Post your goals where you will see them everyday. Read them, say them out loud. Affirm them in your mind’s eye. Tell others of them so that they can hold you accountable. No retreat.
2… Positive daily affirmations. Watch what you say when you talk to yourself ! Make sure it’s good stuff !
3… Exercise and move everyday. Movement is life !
4… Improve your water intake and nutrition…fuel your body for success
5… Read or listen to great books that stimulate your growth…watch and listen to the inspirational leaders that are with us now or have gone before us but they left their lessons behind to be learned by us. Success leaves clues. Follow them !
6… Get around awesome people who say ” Hey, if I can do it, so can you ! ” We become the people who we hang around the most. Who are the 5 people you are around the most ? The wrong crowd will absolutely hold you back or worse, drag you down to their level. If that’s the case, change your crowd !
7…Be grateful. Say please and thank you…show appreciation…smile and laugh a kind…lift others up and you will uplift others
8…Go to work !.

These are just a few…there are thousands of ways to stir your emotions to move you forward…use ’em or find your own !

” Remember to the world , you are just one person…but to one person, you may be the world ! “…the great philosopher…Dr. Seuss

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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