Thursday’s BOLD LAW … ” Don’t mistake movement for achievement “

Thursday’s BOLD LAW … ” Don’t mistake movement for achievement “

Movement without some type of achievement made is wasted effort. Movement cannot be tracked…..That’s just surviving day to day. That’s not thriving. Results are the real scorecard of life. The scoreboard in the stadium does not reflect how the game was played. It only shows who won or who lost…not how. Just ask a player or a coach on the losing side how they feel about a moral victory. I assure you they would rather have won ” ugly” versus lost playing ” pretty “. Movement is playing ” pretty “.

Yesterday , I promised to explore the importance of accountability in our business today. When you have someone in your life who holds you accountable to the goals you say you want to reach , they are not going to be interested in hearing about your movement, they only want to know about your results. Whether it’s a coach you hire, a friend , an associate , your spouse or your kids , having one or more accountability partners in your life, who you have to report to daily , will keep your focus on your achievements and results.

Accountability on a daily basis will keep you on track on your good days and will assist you in redirecting your ship when it goes off course on your bad days. That’s achievement ! If you have someone like that in your life, inform them of what you want to accomplish. If you don’t have an accountability partner in your life, get one today so you progress faster toward your North star.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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