Thursday’s BOLD LAW…” Don’t listen to your monkey mind ! “

Thursday’s BOLD LAW…” Don’t listen to your monkey mind ! “

A ” Monkey mind ” holds you back. It keeps you in the status quo. It wants you to stay where you are because it’s comfortable there . Why take a risk to change things ? It wants you to continue thinking and playing small. Playing small serves no one , especially you and your loved ones.

If you’re going to play at this, why not play at the biggest level you can ? If others have done it and are currently doing it , so can you ! Follow their path. Those successful people have ” monkey minds ” too ! They have just learned to not listen to it and give it power.

When you listen to your ” monkey mind ” , you are feeding it…and as you feed it , it gains more power over you. Don’t empower it any longer ! Begin to weaken the ” monkey mind ” by starving it. Start to control your thoughts and what you say to yourself. Take back the power and say ” What if ? ” or ” Why not me ? ‘ Empower yourself today , not some stupid monkey !

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