Thursday’s BOLD LAW… ” Clarity is Power “

Thursday’s BOLD LAW… ” Clarity is Power “

Clarity IS power.

I’m currently reading ” The 12 Week Year ” and it’s all about creating clear vison to give you more power. When our goals are projected too far into the future , there may be a tendency to not get after them early because you have so much time to make it up later in the year…that’s a false assumption ! Time waits for no one.

Or, what’s worse, if you have a slow start , the big goal becomes unreachable fast and causes you to give up on it. Then, negative doubts creep in and stay with you all year because you cannot get to your big goal.

A 12 week year creates urgency and energy and clearity. You don’t have much time to waste because your deadline is only 90 days away , not 365 days. And an annual goal allows for you to make all these plans that never get done because you’re spread too thin. A 12 week goal makes you get really efficient at one, two or three things. Three tasks are a whole lot easier to master than 30 ! And, mastering three things is all you need to be really successful. Why be mediocre at 30 things when you can master just three ?

We can be a ” jack of all trades and a master of none ” or be a King of just three actions ! In medieval times, the Kings had the riches , the land , the castles and the power…Jacks worked for food and minimum wage ! LOL !

And that’s in just the first 30 pages ! Read it and chunk your annual plans into 90 day increments. That will give you clarity and power and get you closer to owning your own kingdom !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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