Thursday BOLD LAW…” Your business grows to the extent that you do “

Thursday BOLD LAW…” Your business grows to the extent that you do “

Here are two other examples of growth that have occurred during this quarantine.

1) Jane B. is checking in with her database of past clients and sphere of influence as all of us should be doing on a regular basis anyway. Here is how she adds value to these calls. She picks out a certain house that she knows has recently sold and relates to her clients the good news about all the details of the sale…how close it sold to it’s asking price and the short time it took to sell amongst other details. In short, she is delivering GOOD news on her calls and is exhibiting the positive side of reality, a calmness, a projection of professionalism to prove that business is still going on out there and it’s not all bad…as the news wants us to believe. Good job Jane !

2) Over 6 weeks ago, as I was clearing out clutter from the garage, I found a box of agent’s business cards that I have collected over the years from attending Mike Ferry seminars and KW events. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of cards…some at least 15 years old. Why was that box there ? who knows? I don’t ! Now, I have stayed in touch with some of these agents but the majority , I hadn’t. I figured these cards are not doing anyone any good in a box so, I began to systematically call five out of state agents every day …yes, 7 days a week. I did this for the purpose to reconnect and reestablish relationships and rebuild our collective agent to agent referral business and to add them to my contact management system. Some of you are receiving this daily email because of that call. Thank you for that ! And, we have already sent a referral and received a referral from one of you. Connecting with people works ! Today will be day 46 in a row. That’s one new habit I have added to grow my business. What’s yours ?

Our business and our lives grow to the extent that we do….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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