Thursday BOLD LAW…” What you focus on expands “

Thursday BOLD LAW…” What you focus on expands “

As we want for something to show up in our lives, we must first visualize it to give it birth in our minds.This is followed by taking some type of action on it to help manifest it.

What do I want ? What can I visualize about it ? What does it look like ? What am I doing now to attract it ?
What am I saying to myself about it ? What am I saying, if anything , to others about it ?
Am I making it a reality by informing others about it or , out of embarrassment, am I keeping it to myself ? That’s not good ! Declare it and tell the world ! There is probably somebody out there who has what you want and is just waiting and wanting to tell you how to do it, but they can’t because you have not told them about your goal.

When we put that goal out to the universe, we are exposing ourselves to the criticism of others ( so what ?) and one of those others may just help us to get there faster. Tell them !
What books are you reading ? Who do you hang around ?
What am I learning about thru seminars, conventions, internet blogs, journaling and asking questions ?

Jim Rohn said this , ” You must constantly ask yourself these questions. Who am I around ? What are they doing to me ? What have they got me reading ? What have they got me saying ? Where do they have me going ? What do they have me thinking? And most importantly, what do they have me becoming ? Then ask yourself the BIG question…Is that okay ? ”

Well, is it ?

What you focus on expands….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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