Thursday BOLD LAW…” Want =Lack “

Thursday BOLD LAW…” Want =Lack “

If we are perpetually in a state of mind that is always ” wanting ” and being ” needy “, how can we possibly be aware of who is out there ready to help us ? Or, if we are constantly just taking the low hanging fruit and and not replenishing, sooner or later, there’s nothing left to fill our wants and needs….

You gotta give first…you must plant the seeds. As Jim Rohn said, we must constantly be watering and weeding our gardens or, the weeds are going to take over ! In BNI, the motto is ” Giver’s gain !”
Give first, then you gain.It does not work the other way around. Do not be a ” want-er “. Don’t be needy ! Choose instead , to go GET what you desire instead of expecting it to be handed to you or worse, sitting around wishing and hoping for it…hope is not a good strategy !…Go make it happen…today !!

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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