Thursday BOLD LAW…” There is no try !”

Thursday BOLD LAW…” There is no try !”

We either get it and DO it …or, we don’t…

Try this one on…Would you hire an agent to sell your home that said , ” Well, I’ll really TRY to sell your home ” ??? Or, would you select an agent who confidently says ” Let’s get your home sold now and let’s help you move to your next home in the next 30 days ! “….Which agent would you pick ? When we as consumers have to make a choice , don’t we always select a person who is prepared to help us, is confident and strong , and believes that they can get the job done correctly and in a timely fashion ?

Thousands of us are flying tomorrow into Dallas for the Keller Williams annual Family Reunion. We are not hoping that our airline pilots are going to TRY and land the planes !

If a doctor said , ” I’ll TRY my best when I operate on you “…you better run and find a better doctor who CAN do it successfully !!

I could rattle off many examples of TRY vs. DO…and so could you ! Eliminate the word TRY from your vocabulary…and listen how often others use it…it’s very prevalent in our current society…when you hear someone use the word ” try ” , I’ll bet from now on , you’ll catch it and that will allow you to reevaluate the conversation , the situation , and the person , better than you did before.

Remember, and live by will change your life…There is NO such thing as TRY !….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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