Thursday BOLD LAW…” If it’s not in your schedule, it does not exist “

Thursday BOLD LAW…” If it’s not in your schedule, it does not exist “

Do you have THAT phone call or two that you know you should make and would feel better if you did ? Do you find yourself saying, “Yep, I’ll get around to it later when I have some time this afternoon ” or ” I’ll do it later ” and then you let other things take place and you conveniently shove it further and further down the line ? And, then guess what? At the end of the day , it’s still there waving at you trying to get your attention ? Does that ever happen to you or is it just me ?

It could be a business call or a personal call , or maybe it’s some could be more lead generation time… doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is, because it does not have a scheduled time , it’s not done and weighs you down the longer you hold onto it. Put an appointment time to it and do it at that time.Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to do it now.

My first real estate manager introduced me to the ” Bullfrog Principle” 35 years ago. If you have a nagging task to complete or a call to make , do it first thing in the morning while the bullfrog is a tadpole. It’s easier to swallow a tiny tadpole with a gulp or two of water than it is to let the tadpole mature during the day and by 5 pm, it’s a big fat ol’ ugly full grown bullfrog that you now have to eat ! Gross !. Picture that one…I guess that was his way of saying…..

Put it into your schedule or….it doesn’t exist !!!

What tadpole are you going to swallow this morning ?

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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