Thursday BOLD LAW…” Don’t listen to your monkey mind “

Thursday BOLD LAW…” Don’t listen to your monkey mind “

A monkey mindset holds you back. It keeps you in the status quo. It wants you to stay where you are because it’s comfortable there. It wants you to keep thinking and playing small. As we’ve heard, playing small does not serve anyone, especially yourself and your loved ones.

If you’re going to play at this , you might as well play at the biggest level you can. Others have played at bigger levels and others are currently playing at a big level. If they have done it , or are currently doing it, so can you and I ! And those people have a monkey mind too ! They just have learned to not listen to it better than we currently do.Learn from them and do what they do.

When you listen to your monkey mind, you feed it. When you feed it , it gets stronger and gains power over you . Don’t empower it any longer. Begin to starve the monkey mind by controlling your thoughts and what you say to yourself. Take that power back and feed the ” what if ? ” and the positive possibility thoughts. Empower yourself today, not some silly monkey !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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