Thursday BOLD LAW…” Come from contribution “

Thursday BOLD LAW…” Come from contribution “

One of you emailed me yesterday what you are doing to come from contribution and this is something that we all could easily do. She has donated money to a restaurant that has agreed to feed any hungry child for FREE. What a giving thing for a business to do ! What else can we do? Can we combine our goodwill with any other type of business that agrees to support those in need? If we put on our thinking caps, I’ll bet we could come up with dozens of ideas !

It has been said that both fear and faith reside within all of us and they live side by side with each other. Fear and faith are constantly competing for more space and attention from us. Question…Which one gets stronger ?…Answer…the one you choose to feed….

It’s easy to feed fear as it runs rampant all around us . It’s harder to feed faith , especially in times like these. And really , which one serves us and mankind better ? Choose faith, whatever that means for you. By choosing faith, you will help others, sometimes unknowingly and especially yourself. There is strength in numbers. Let’s work together with faith and come from contribution and together , we will find a way.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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